19 August 2013

Jacketts Plymouth City services

Notice on Jacketts Coaches Facebook page

We can now announce that we have been awarded the contracts to run services 13 Saltash Passage to City Centre & 52 - Chaddlewood to Derriford from November 2013

I am not that surprised that Citybus have lost the 13 as I dont suppose they were that bothered to keep it when they have so much extra work coming up – its one less bus to find. I am more surprised that Target Travel have lost the 52 as they have been running this route for quite a few years now and they are well liked by the regular customers.

So, Congratulations to Jacketts. Its good to see another operator in Plymouth and I wish them well. I am sure if they are reliable then the passengers will quickly warm to them. The 52 regulars are quite a loyal bunch!


  1. A very big well done to Jacketts Coaches - always nice to see smaller operators doing well!

    The loss of the 13 will free up one Mini Dart, though more importantly a few drivers too. The 13 always has for years done extra/duplicate trips in the morning before going onto the 13, it always used to do the 0750 from Saltash to Derriford 152, in November it did the 0730 from Royal Parade 21B and now does the 0740 from Devonport to Derriford 34 and 0820 from Derriford 42 (schooldays only). I guess the mini Dart will still do this, perhaps freeing up a bus to do duplicates in the evening peak too? Or maybe to use on the 25 which is down as an Enviro during the week due to a lack of Mini Darts - 1 on 13, 1 on 31, and 3 on the 20.

    Anyway, congratulations again to Jacketts - I wish you the very best of luck!

  2. Yeah wee=ll done!! What about the 39 etc are they up for new tender are they staying with Targey ???

  3. well done jacketts coaches

  4. I just hope they repair their SLF Dart as the rear bumper has been taped up! Maybe they will invest in some new buses after winning these contracts? Good luck Trevelyn and team.


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