19 August 2013

Urgent late notice!

Urgent note from the PCTPG re their planned trip to WSM

Sorry to do this but Crosville Motors have cancelled their Mini Rally due to staffing problems therefore our trip to Weston Super Mare is also cancelled.  This is, as you will understand, completely outside our control and we can only apologise to any interested party for this cancellation.  Our next trip which will be going ahead is the annual West Country Historic Omnibus and Transport Trust (WHOTT) will be taking place on 8th September at Westpoint, Exeter.

Details to follow nearer the time…

1 comment:

  1. No great loss, CMS engage in some very questionable operating practices....
    Quite why VOSA don't get involved is beyond me, the presence of an old Tilling name mated to a Tilling livery blinds everyone to the dubious quality of their business.
    Adopt an old traditional livery and watch everyone foam at the mouth whilst you get away with lots of things a proper operator wouldn't.
    I accept competition and welcome new entrants to the industry, but CMS need to pull their socks up if they want respect from the industry. Until that time, they will just be anoraks playing buses! :(


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