13 June 2014


I have always been a fan of the new First scheme, but it really does look its best on the Pointer. 40036 is the latest repaint... First 40036

©Richard Smith

Meanwhile Plymouth Citybus seem to have restarted repaints again with 442 now out in full swoops... Plymouth Citybus 442


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‘Scene’ at the Great Western Society (GWS) facility at Didcot Part 2 A day out to Oxford mainly to see the buses (see elsewhere on my blog) also afforded me the time to catch the train from Oxford to Didcot where the ‘GWS’ are based. Although it was not a running day, there was plenty to interest me and from the assorted wagons on display, I have been able to make up a typical ‘Great Western Railway’ (GWR) pick up goods train.
The new First in Ipswich livery - Photo Exclusive If my assumption is correct, remember you read it here first! Either way though, it looks like Ipswich is about to be treated by a fantastic livery which could give certain other operators a bit of a run for their money!
212 Pages - a Whole Lotta Timetables [1] That means that Lands End to St Austell, a distance of 104 miles (return) would cost just £7.50; three new farthings a mile! Bargain! Mind you, to offset that cheapo possibility, it will cost you £2 single or more to the local shops to avoid the rain. OUCH! 212 Pages - a Whole Lotta Timetables [2] Possibly because he is old and old-fashioned, fbb does prefer lines of dots rather than gaps and arrows. Gaps look as if something has been missed out by misprint and arrows are confusing in profusion; of which more in a subsequent blog.
Cheltenham Bus Running Day - part 1 Saturday 31st May saw a special vintage bus running day, hosted by Stagecoach take place in and around the Cheltenham area, the event was held to commemorate the 85th anniversary of the Cheltenham District Traction Company and also to mark the retirement of local Stagecoach Managing Director, Ian Manning, who has led the Company for the last 11 years
Lancashire Bus Maps Back on the 'Net Now, Lancashire County Council has made use of its internal bus route mapping software - part of its "Mario" mapping of the county - available directly to the public to show bus routes, stops and even timetables. Unfortunately, being based on internal systems it's not particularly "user-friendly"
Bristol Day in Swansea The last weekend of February is an ambitious time of year to stage a vintage bus running day and it's to the excellent Swansea Bus Museum's credit that they stage this welcome early season respite from winter. This year's theme was a tribute to the buses of Bristol Commercial Vehicles, just the pick-me-up I needed after another bleak winter where I'd had to miss the Winchester and Salisbury events.


  1. I wonder how DDA compliant this is surelynnot another repaint mistake like 42463?

  2. Plymouth Citybus SLF 21 R121OFJ is now out in swoops.

  3. Why does the DEVON have to be so far back, also why the darts and not the 08 Enviros or spouse up the B7.
    Don't get me wrong I do like this livery :-)

    1. I guess you mean spruce up? Hearing that 10 B7s are due and that they may well get a refurb and paint. Also hearing that Plymouth are currently painting the first of the 8 newest B6s for Buses of Somerset

    2. I suspect the logo is there to enable the side to still carry some advertising, unlike Citybus who lost the opportunity for much of that business with the current swoops design :)

  4. so looks like no new buses for first devon if painting old buses up ,what gone on ,there should be painting all the newer buses like 02 ,05 ,55,56,08,buses then paint the old ones last

  5. it was on route 4 today the bus I was on it look lot younger now

  6. N107,N108 and N112 UTT are all now withdrawn, along with R113OFJ. Just N110UTT left from the N-reg batch.


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