11 September 2013

Coming for Gold

New Stagecoach Gold
©Ben Beaver
Noted on delivery a couple of days ago Stagecoach Gold Scania 15924 will soon be on the new Plymouth - Torbay service which has seen off the X80 without a fight. We are still waiting on official information from First who promised details on Monday but nothing has been forthcoming yet although the X80 is definitely cancelled

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  • the buses were bought for use elsewhere but diverted to Devon for some unexplained "commercial" reason. The internal politics of bus operators is often hard to fathom Public Transport Experience 10th September
  • Why are Barne Barton and Plympton being so blessed? Because Citybus is a kind, considerate, public-spirited local bus company?
    Or because those are routes also served by First Bus
    ? Public Transport Experience 9th September
  • In spite of a number of joint services and the fact that each of them shows journeys operated by the other, there are two leaflets per joint corridor. The alarming thing was that the dates of some of the timetable dates didn’t coincide. Omnibuses 9th September
  • Connex Jersey 1184 J57156, new as an ADL demonstrator and now with First Eastern Counties after a spell in Jersey Andys Bus Blog 8th September
  • This week's SoS is a few more photos taken up at the idyllic bus photography spot in Barne Barton PTOTPA 8 September


  1. Having talked to several First drivers/ex drivers there does indeed appear to be great concern as to what is happening with the First Devon & Cornwall, Plymouth bus services. Unless there is something more radical happening (that no one seems to know about yet) replacing services 6 and 7 with revised no 2 and 93 routes, has the potential to simply see Plymouth Citybus gain control over the majority of the Plymstock routes. Several people have commented that First originally wanted to have exited Plymouth by the end of October 2013 (at one time a sale to Stagecoach was a possibility) and that this is the beginning of their withdrawal. I personally certainly hope not for everyone concerned, from employees to customers.

  2. Thursday - noticed Western Greyhound have cancelled all their Penzance operation and also some other routes. First Bristol yesterday announced a series of changes including a new Bristol - Newport service "Severn Express" and other "X" routes plus winning back the Weston - Bristol Airport 121 to add to the Weston - Bridgwater extension of the 112. I guess First's office staff are a bit busy on other planning and publicity tasks that may not have been expected. We will need patience for the detail, but First are definitely changing.

  3. The WG drivers on the 501 are great ambassadors for the company always friendly & helpful.


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