12 September 2013

Handy for a couple of months

derrifordFirst Devon & Cornwall produced this handy little guide just a few weeks ago which gives full details of their Derriford Hospital services. Another area which sees stiff competition from Plymouth Citybus
We've created a great new guide to bus routes serving Derriford Hospital in Plymouth. Between them services 15, 84 and 86 provide up to 5 buses an hour between Plymouth City Centre, Mutley Plain, Crownhill and Derriford Hospital.
Included in the guide are timetables for all these services shown as one timetable: this means passengers don't need to look through separate timetables for each of the services to see what time bus you need to catch.
For ease of use timetables for journeys between Plymouth City Centre, Mutley Plain, Crownhill and Derriford Hospital are shown with the pink background. Journeys on services past Derriford Hospital are shown in yellow - we've included the main points on these routes for our passengers convenience in case they need to travel further after their time at the Hospital.
As a reminder these services run to:

  • Service 15: Mainstone - Asda - Estover - Thornbury - University College Marjon - Derriford Hospital - Crownhill - Mutley Plain - North Road East* (for Plymouth train station) - City Centre.
  • Service 84: Tavistock - Whitchurch - Yelverton - Woolwell (for Tesco) - University College Marjon - Derriford Hospital - Crownhill - Mutley Plain - City Centre.
  • Service 86: Tavistock - Bishopsmead - Yelverton - Woolwell (for Tesco) - University College Marjon - Derriford Hospital - Crownhill - Mutley Plain - City Centre.
    *Serves North Road East on in bound journeys only. Outbound serves North Hill for University of Plymouth.
The guide also includes a pull out map of the routes and details of where to catch the bus within the Hospital grounds.
Please click here to view/download the new guide as a pdf. Copies are also available from the Derriford Hospital main entrance on level 6.
Derriford hospital bus service guide (PDF - 1.47 MB)
It will only be useful for a very short while though as its all change with Derriford services soon as we expect to see the 15 serve Roborough instead of Mainstone and see a reduction in direct buses to Tavistock,
(Still waiting for full details of these changes!)
Meanwhile Plymouth City Council have been switching bus lane enforecment cameras around…
Camera enforcement will also be introduced at two new locations on Sunday 1 September – the short two-way bus lane joining Leypark Drive and Leypark Walk in Estover and the inbound bus lane running from Western Approach into Union Street (near Reflex).
Plymouth City Council
This first camera is on the small bus only road tucked up behind Asda. Its a very handy shortcut for motorists which is why the council were requested to start enforcing the bus only restriction. There is currently only one bus that serves that road - The 15. Yep – you are one step ahead of me. I do hope that the bus lane camera is turned off when the 15 stops serving Asda/ Mainstone. It will only make people angry!

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  1. I doubt it would be turned off as it's the principle of upholding the law of the road.
    However, it doesn't take 30 seconds more to cut through the car park.

    1. I tend to agree with you in that they shouldnt need to turn the camera off, but it would be a public relations nightmare! The council are trying hard not to make it look like they are penalising car drivers and just trying to make money. To fine drivers for using a bus lane that buses dont use wont help their case at all! Personally I think they should make it one way (its too narrow for two way traffic) or if they have the cash it could be modified to make it two way for normal traffic.

    2. You know how the council are, they wouldn't want to create a new rat run. They're more likely to stick in a bollard to stop anyone using it!


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