07 September 2013

Bravery Honoured

Honour for bus driver who saved man found on fire in car in Plymouth   Plymouth Herald

Its great to see the bravery of this bus driver being recognised by his employers.

A First Devon and Cornwall company spokesperson said: "One of our drivers was involved in an incident. The driver, travelling on Service 4 towards Keyham, came across a vehicle on fire.

"On realising that a man was also involved in the fire, he stopped his bus in such a way to shield the scene and protect his passengers, before getting out and assisting the injured man. All of our buses carry fire extinguishers so he had this at his disposal to help.

"The injured man was already out of the car when our driver arrived, but he was on fire.

"Our driver helped to extinguish the flames and then stayed with him, keeping him calm, maintaining his airway and continuing to talk to him until the emergency services arrived.

"We are incredibly proud of our driver's actions. The scene was distressing but he acted quickly, remaining calm under pressure.


Full story The Herald

1 comment:

  1. Great work by the driver thinking of other people but knowing the First Management as i do he will probably still end up with "Tea & Biscuits" as to why he delayed the service and used company property!!


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