07 September 2013


Plymouth Citybus has now posted the new timetables for the few routes that are changing on the 6th October,

The new timetables are available HERE

I am sure they will soon correct the small typo which gives the 12 as Torpoint to Plymouth rather than Tavistock – Plymouth.

I wont go into any detail on these changes just yet though as First have posted an interesting note on their web site today

We have registered a number of changes to our network in Plymouth and the surrounding areas from 27 October.
We are currently compiling information on these changes and it will be published on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages from Monday 9 September.

With this in mind I shall be having a closer look at all of these changes when we know exactly what First are planning. If some of the rumours are true then it could be interesting.

In the meantime please continue to leave your comments. This evening we have just passed the 4000 comments mark since the blog started back in 2007. And of these 4000, almost 1000 of them have been since January this year! Shows that there is plenty going on at the moment and that the debate between Citybus and First in particular raises passions on both sides.

Talking of milestones, I will be due to publish post number 2500 shortly. Within the next two weeks probably. Still trying to work out what to post for number 2500!


  1. Here's a run-down of all of the changes in-case anyone missed it yesterday. (Graham, please feel free to delete this comment from the post yesterday if you want to).

    Service 25 – first two trips Monday to Friday are to be School Holidays only.

    Service 29 – An extra 0752 run from Milehouse to Derriford school days only. All depart Derriford 2 minutes earlier.

    Service 30 – Withdrawn from Transit Way and operates via the Crownhill Loops instead. Arrives at Derriford two minutes earlier, which results in a 13 minute layover at Pillmere and an 8 minute layover at Derriford presumably before returning as a short 42?

    Service 32 – Every 15 minutes from the City Centre to Torpoint Ferry, every 30 minutes over into Torpoint.

    Service 33 – New circular route copying the 4 to Ford & Keyham, every 30 minutes no evening/Sunday service.

    Service 35 – Current 1805 trip from Royal Parade now departs at 1810.

    Service 40/41 – Splits the timetable at Ranco like it used to – service 40 changes to a 41 at this point and vice versa. Continues as the Service 43.

    Service 42/A – An extra Sunday run to Derriford and back departing Royal Parade at 0705 and Derriford at 0735.

    Service 43 – Timetable adjusted to continue as the 40/41.

    Service 43A – 1437 trip to Wearde School that went onto the 117 withdrawn. 1820 trip from Royal Parade changed to depart five minutes later.

    Service 43B – Inbound services from Holly Park depart two minutes earlier Monday to Saturday.

    Service 44/A – 44A Withdrawn and 44 now every 15 minutes.

    Service 61/61A – 61/61A replaced with 61/62. Cut back to every 30 minutes making a combined every 15 minute service. Individual hourly Sunday services continue, combined to every 30 minutes. Glad to see the 61/62 are back though!

    The frequency reductions on the 44/A and 61/62 will obviously free up lots of drivers and buses to use on the 12 and 32. The withdrawal of the 44A does mean some passengers will have a slightly longer journey, though the places that were covered by the 44 are now every 15 minutes not 20. This too should really even out the buses from Crownhill to the City Centre and vice versa, and with a frequency reduction should improve reliability especially in the peak time along Mannamead Road, as it's not uncommon for 2 or 3 buses to leapfrog eachother along this stretch.

    I'm quite interested into the late evening runs on the 12,32 and 33. These three services will provide very strong competition, and that's without considering they're supposedly withdrawing the X80 and 6/7! Monday will be an interesting day.

  2. The cut back of 61 and 62 to half hourly will not be popular in Honicknowle, west Park and around St Pancras I can tell you.. the service here at the mo is not great!!! Now if First are clever here and if I were them I would take the 3 as rumoured from St Budeaux, West Park to Honicknowle Green then continue on a loop from Honicknowle, St Pancras, Mutley and City (along the old 11 route!) at say 20 min freq to make loop route in both directions...they could really hurt Citybus in this neck of the woods!!!

  3. Regarding the 44/A the 44 will be turning right into Taunton Ave from Budshead Road as the 44A does at the moment and continues to Whitleigh Green. When it departs Whitleigh Green it will go back through Taunton Ave as the 44 does now.
    With regards to the Honicknowle service I am surprised that it has continued as a 20 mins service for so long. It doesn't warrant it, if they want the 20 mins service back then more customers need to use it.


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