04 July 2013

Spoonbill no more

What a difference a coat of paint makes!

1st June 2013
First 32760 WA54OLR

26 June 2013
©Richard Smith


  • Whilst we all would wish FirstMidlandBluebid every success with its unpunctuated brand - the blue looks really "cool" and the whole idea is excellent - fbb does wonder about that avian name. Public Transport Experience
  • “It is nice when somebody goes ‘Thank you, driver’” If only there were more passengers who would. Omnibuses
  • The service is hourly and you may well have to sympathise with First's managers as they wrestle with the economics of such a non-lucrative route. Public Transport Experience
  • Island Princess can carry up to 70 people, so should be able to cope with loadings out of the peak months, although her large open deck space doesn't necessarily lend itself to operating during the winter months, PTOTPA


  1. How boring it looks. The new livery and DEVON font looks like something out of the 90s.

  2. they could have redone the interior into current first moquette too so it looks more modern.

  3. looks boring just like all the rest in this non descript DEVON livery all the colour is literally being drained from the fleet first the Park and Ride livery is gone now the Tamarlink livery all for more corporate first blandness....nice photos but missed opportunity for some inspiration


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