02 July 2013

Dear Passenger

Its never good news when fares have to rise – This is the latest release from Plymouth Citybus:

On Sunday 14th July we will be implementing the final stage of our fare review, which we commenced on 11th February 2013. We have held off from the final stage of the fare review to keep prices down for as long as feasibly possible. The overall fare review has taken 12 months, with the aim to move to a value for money distance based fare structure. This means the fare you pay better represents the distance of bus travel you use. Over the last 12 months many intermediate fares have been introduced to make up to 10 fare stages per route. Many of these were introduced at a reduction in price compared to the previous fare charged. (please see charts below)

On 14th July the average adult single and return fare will be increased by an average 3.5%. This still means that 40% of the fares will be the same or cheaper than they were 12 months ago.

With the exception of the one zone, one week ticket, there will be no increases applied to any other season tickets. The one zone, one week will rise to £12 (£9 young person / student), which is £1 cheaper than the same ticket 12 months ago.

We have recognised that bus fares for young people are a major concern; therefore we have decided to aim for a discount on young person / student single and return fares 25% less than their adult equivalent.

We will be withdrawing both the transfer ticket and 3 day dayrider ticket on 14th July.

For detailed information on all tickets and fares please click here, visit our travel centre on Royal Parade or call 0845 0772223.

We will be uploading new route fare tables here on our website soon


Richard Stevens Managing Director

They include a couple of charts to show how the new fares compare against twelve months ago

Adult Single fares::

12 months ago        Current Fare              New Fare (14/07/13)
£1.00 £1.00 £1.10
£1.50 £1.40 £1.50
£2.00 £1.50 £1.60
£2.00 £1.80 £1.90
£2.00 £1.90 £2.00
£2.00 £2.00 £2.10
£2.00 £2.10 £2.20
£2.00 £2.20 £2.30
£2.00 £2.30 £2.40
N/A £2.50 £2.50
Adult Return fares:

Adult Return

12 months ago Current Fare      New Fare          
£2.00 £1.80 £1.90
£2.00 £2.20 £2.30
£3.00 £2.30 £2.40
£3.00 £2.70 £2.80
£3.00 £2.90 £3.00
£3.00 £3.10 £3.20
£3.00 £3.20 £3.20
£3.00 £3.25 £3.30
£3.00 £3.30 £3.30
N/A £3.50 £3.50

Source: Plymouth Citybus


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  1. Citybus do seem to have a lot of fare increases (reviews..lol) nowadays. Think I will stick with First who are in the main cheaper for me and I know they have a price increase once a year..in January!

  2. Profit over passengers.

    Citybus are a complet joke, they do nothing to attract or encourage bus users.

    At least First launch special offers and cut price fares (Saltash/Ivybridge)...

    I often wonder whether the 'ChatterBus' is just a PR gimmick giving the illusion that Citybus actually listen to customers?

    1. I have to disagree with some points made in your comment there.

      When they launched their 45 to Ivybridge, they had a £1 single/£2 return for a good 2 months or so, gave out free coffee/biscuits etc at Ivybridge during the first few days to promote the service, and kept regular drivers on it for 3 months or so, and of course, used the extremely comfortable 08 Enviros and even branded 4 of them. I really fail to see how this could class as 'doing nothing to attract or encourage bus users.'

      As for Saltash, the 'new' 43A was very well promoted with loads of full-page adverts in the free papers to Saltash and at the bus stops. I feel they promoted it well but the actual service is poor, as a result of high fares (especially when compared to First) and the very poor decision to use SPDs on it. They could've easily swapped the SPDs for the 08 Enviros on the 16/35. Bearing in mind it also changes with the 33/A it really is beyond me why they chose 10 year old SPDs over Enviros.

      For the 21/A, they still do an £11 weekly ticket that can only be used on the 21/A. Absolute bargain if you ask me, especially as it now covers Plympton to Barne Barton and not just the City-Barne Barton bit like it did when it was the 26. As Anon posted the other day, a £12/£13 weekly ticket for unlimited use on the 43A/30 I strongly feel would prove exceptionally popular. Combine this with putting 08 Enviros on the 43A and I feel Citybus will be onto a real winner.

      Re the fare increases in a few weeks – they’re only 5/10p increases on single/returns and no increases on dayriders/monthly/annual passes so really it’s no big deal at all! Oh and the new fare tables are on the website.

  3. First comment on this blog for a while, and I'm hardly shocked to see the anti-Citybus theme has continuing apace. Lest we forget, that Citybus have to contend with the heavy burden of an amazingly low concessionary re-imbursment rate from the Council. Yes, I've mentioned the Council already, who are squarely to blame for this whole debacle anyway.

    I don't doubt for one minute however, that an element of corperate greed is at play.

    I would prefer to pay into the Citybus pot, who at least attempt to affect a quality service for the public, rather than the increasinly threadbare/laughable First pot. First's presence in the area justly deserves the branding of 'token', A handful of routes, serving only small sectors of the City, utilising non-descript demic vehicles. I'm sure the only thing proping up that depot is Cornish MOT work, and P&R!

    Expect the PCB E400's to come on tap soon, starting from the 8th of July when its anticipated that deliveries to Milehouse will start

  4. Deliveries of the new Enviro 400s are expected to start in week commencing 15th July, ADL are running a little late, (well it is buses, what did you expect?) I have entered one into the WNPG rally on the Hoe on the 28th July along with the Versa Demonstrator and of course 358 which will hopefully be giving rides around the Hoe, City Centre and Barbican all day.

  5. @ Tom the reason the 43a is not doing well is because they have done what first normally do so well ie muck it up! The people in latchbrook don't want to ride around st stephens before going to plymouth and the section through. St stephensmsses out the bit with the most fare payers in spencer gardens. St stephensrd hurch rd and broad walk are pensioner city! So just free passes there likewise maybrook drive Also most passengers are not bothered about the type of bus they travel on, they're not all bus enthusiasts!

  6. Anon 22:03:

    As a regular user of service 43A, I do not concur that it is doing poorly.

    It seems to be paying with some good numbers on most, if not all trips that I see/use, however I cannot make head nor tail of the evening service times, especially with a 40 minute gap in the last service which leaves after the 1.

    Latchbrook is indeed a non-starter and I fear they have lost their once dedicated customers here, as you say, the journey time is too great compared to alternative travel arrangements in the area.

    Additionally, Citybus want to tap into the School market through Broad Walk, but again - the fares, in particular, a student week ticket is more expensive than Firsts. The loss in customers around Spencer Gardens had led to a gain elsewhere, this time as the journey time is infact decreased (no need to spend 5 minutes extra around St Stephen's)(which may I add, Citybus have spelt wrong on numerous pages on their website, particulary the fare time tables)(not a good start if you spell an area incorrectly - I have pointed it out, but never changed!)

    The route is off to a good start and with time AND fare adjustments, Citybus will start to fight back in Saltash, but if those crucial fares aren't changed then it could potentially be altered drastically after the 6 month VOSA period.


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