04 July 2013

Incoming Deckers

The recent additional double decker's from London are now out and about in full swoops livery so thanks to Richard for these shots taken over the last week or so: 431 W483WGH
Plymouth Citybus 431 W483WGH 433 X501EGK
IMG_3797 437 X702EGK
Plymouth Citybus 437 X702EGK


  • Last week saw the ever popular Royal Norfolk Show take place at the Norfolk Showground in Costessy, the event saw a interesting variety of visiting coaches as well as special services being operated to and from the show by both Konectbus and First. Andys Bus Blog
  • We’re on the cusp of a momentous time in the metropolitan areas. And it seems to be going largely unnoticed. Omnibuses
  • Taunton's Terrible Transport Traumas [2] A Ferro-equinological Interlude - Seaton to Taunton. Public Transport Experience


  1. Urgency must have taken over come the end, given that a few of them never quite made it to being made single door!

    1. I believe its more to do with the internal arrangements than anything else with the X reg and newer being converted but the Ws remaining dual doorway. Something to do with the staircase possibly?

      Of course I may have just dreamt this?

  2. Spotted a PCB Citaro causing an unholy tailback on the Plymouth bound A38 last evening, with multiple fire appliances and the Highways Agency in attendance and all peering into the engine compartment. Hopefully it wasn't anything too serious!

  3. mike hudson pctpg5 July 2013 at 19:17

    yes graham, its to do with the staircase position. on later pvl's the layout was changed.

  4. @Graham, yes, the W-reg PVLs will remain single door due to the centre staircase. All other X/Y reg ones without the centre staircase will be single door converted.


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