15 May 2013

A true gent

One thing which has been made very clear over the past few days is the very high regard that both bus industry leaders and bus enthusiast’s have for Western Greyhound’s MD Mark Howarth. Less than 48 hours after having seen a third of his fleet wiped out he has provided a listing of all the buses that were destroyed. Whereas I, and I know many others have felt quite uncomfortable with the almost indecent haste in which some have clamoured to find out exactly what buses have gone, Mark has taken the time to post the list on Facebook. You can see exactly why he is so highly respected. The listing is reproduced below with a few photos which also illustrate the high standard of presentation of the WG fleet.

There has been speculation on what buses were completely destroyed in the fire last night. Here is the definitive list:
Plaxton Beavers; 564, 566, 572
Western Greyhound 572 WK05CFF 8 February 2010
P&R Citaros: 201, 202, 204, 205 Citaros: 207 Western Greyhound 205 WK08ETA Western Greyhound 207 BU53ZWZ

Solos: 816, 818, 819, 910, 912, 931, 951, 952, 958, 982, 988

Western Greyhound 931 WK57TAF Western Greyhound 988 WK11APZ

E400s: 401, 402

Western Greyhound 402 WK58EAC

Tridents: 440, 442, 444, 445

Western Greyhound 442 WK51CAL 23 January 2010

Olympians; 450, 452, 453, 467, 473, 475, 498, 499

Western Greyhound, Summercourt (CO) 467 (RRA 467R)
[cc] Ian Kirby
VR 259 Training bus; DSU 107 Solo 931 was badly burned and assessors are working on whether it is repairable.

Thanks once again to Mark for providing the list when I am sure he has plenty of other paperwork to to working on at the moment!

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