17 May 2013


The latest news on the Plymotion Project from Plymouth City Council:

We're getting ready to hit the road again for the second phase of our Plymotion on your Doorstep campaign.

Travel advisors will be out visiting local residents in the west of the city, chatting about how they get from A to B and giving advice on the different travel options available to them. People will be able to get help with planning their journeys and find out about travel incentives on offer through the scheme, as well as let us know what would encourage them to travel more by bus, bike or on foot.

The programme started in the East End, Mount Gould and St Judes last year and over the summer the team knocked on around 5,200 doors, had 1,004 conversations and handed out 866 bus tickets, 358 cycle maps and 559 water bottles.

This year they are heading to the city centre, Barbican, Devonport, Keyham and Stonehouse areas and will be even busier as they are hoping to visit almost 18,000 properties.

Plymotion on Your Doorstep is part of our wider Plymotion project, which aims to improve walking, cycling and public transport links and encourage people to try greener, cheaper and healthier ways of getting around. Now entering its second year, the project features wide ranging measures from new walking and cycling paths and crossing improvements to one-to-one travel planning advice and cycle training.

Incentives on offer through Plymotion include free cycle training for adults, personalised support with travel planning (available to businesses as well as residents), group cycling events and complimentary bus taster tickets.

Councillor Mark Coker, Cabinet Member for Transport, said: "We had a great start to Plymotion on Your Doorstep last year, with many residents telling us how useful their chat with our travel advisors was. The team are looking forward to seeing residents in Keyham, Devonport, Stonehouse, the Barbican and the city centre this year and we hope that residents in these areas also find the visits helpful."

The Plymotion travel advisors will start to knock on doors on Monday 20 May. For more information email plymotion@plymouth.gov.uk or call 01752 668000.


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While I think its good to see the council promoting public transport I do have my doubts that this is a good use of their money. Improve the transport infrastructure, better bus stop shelters, facilities, real time info etc. The supposed Real Time display at Derriford were still displaying the old timetables earlier this week…


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  1. I second what you're saying Graham - I believe there are far better ways of spending this money. The 'real time' displays at Derriford last week indeed were still displaying things like '152 Saltash'. Back in late December one was still saying '28B City Centre!'

    There really should be a 'proper' real time display at all stops that currently have them, that is up to date, and once that's done, this information should be easily accessible and displayed online.

  2. You'd be surprised at how effective personalised travel planning is. People can be very receptive (if they're not regular bus users) to advice as to how to get to their destinations. And the method can increase patronage, which is very helpful to the operators and all bus and train users, in keeping the cash flow coming in.

    Yes, they need to improve the infrastructure too, but this has been shown to work and sustain an increase in usage.

    Well done Plymouth City Council.

    PS - I'm not involved locally, but have experienced its effects elsewhere.

  3. The incorrect timetables on the Real Time display really don't surprise me in the slightest. The display in Cremyll showed the previous timetables for somewhere in the region of 1 year and 3 months!


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