11 April 2013


With the sale of First Groups London operations expected to go ahead to does seem that the never ending stream of ex London double deckers available for cascade to other First Group fleets could be coming to an end. First group, more than any of the other big groups has made good use of its London stock. Of course this is partly as a result of the group policy not to sell its redundant buses to any other operators, preferring to scrap them instead.

First Devon & Cornwall has received quite a few ex London Tridents over the last few years:

First 32803 T803LLC
32803 was first used in full London red livery on the new Park & Ride service March 2006
First 32803 T803LLC
the same bus had received Barbie livery by August 2006 but was still reserved for Park & Ride use

First 32812 T812LLC
32812 T812LLC having been repainted into full Barbie livery yet still dual doored on Plymouth Park & Ride duties August 2006.
First 32812 T812LLC
By September 2008 32812 was in Mayflower Link livery and had been converted to single doorway. First 32851 HIG1519
32851 was one of several Tridents which received new HIG registrations. January 2010
First 33175 LR02LYU
Newer 02 Reg Trident 33175 LR02LYU March 2010

Of course its not just London  Dennis Tridents that have ended up with First in Plymouth as we will see shortly…

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  1. that's me in the first pic!

    1. Ha! just noticed that. Not sure if you have just seen me taking the photo - or if you are breaking wind!

  2. Sadly 32812 is the one lost after the fatal accident whilst on service 93


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