12 April 2013

Citybus B7 for Sale

Thanks to Richard Smith for pointing me in the direction of this advert which has appeared in Coach & Bus Week recently:
Coach   Bus Week   Vehicles for Sale   Issue 1082
The Volvo double decker is clearly in the former Plymouth Citybus livery minus fleetnames and on closer inspection is identified as W509WGH currently number 420 in the fleet. It does seem odd if this really is for sale, especially if all five DDs for sale are Citybus examples (the advert doesnt make it clear that they are).
If it is really for sale then its only just out of service as ut was photographed in service just last month by Tom MIchaels:
FDC Dennis Trident 32717 W717RHT passes Plymouth Citybus PVL 420 W509WGH at a very wet Derriford Hospital.

Tom Micheals 15 March 2013

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  1. 420 was seen in service yesterday on the 27 in full livery

  2. For clarity PCB have no buses for sale. I rang Geoff Ripley to ask why our buses were apparently for sale. He tells me that he was provided with a stock picture for the advert which he was told showed an all red bus. I explained that part of our livery is still on the bus and that on the website you can ID the bus reg.
    So a minor mishap which is no big deal and has done no harm, in fact we all had a good laugh about it this morning. Well spotted though by Richard Smith.

  3. Removing low floor double deckers from their fleet is the last thing they want to be doing at the moment. The 'new' 21/A being merged with the 26 from May 5th is to (finally) be double decker operated.

    The 21/A/26 at present requires fifteen buses which is all of the Merc Citaros. They have 7 out on the 27/28 and 29/34s, 1 on the 152 (all the other 152s & 42D/46s I've observed later in the day appear on a school service, which explains why these routes have deckers on!), two deckers are used on things like duplicate 28s/34s in the morning and evening peak, and another decker is used to run a duplicate 26 then 21A in the evening peak. I don't have a clue as to in total during the week how many deckers they have out on the road, but I'd imagine it's at least around 20, so until the E400s arrive and the 'new' secondhand PVLs are all done, I wouldn't be surprised to continue to see Citaros on the 21.

    It indeed does seem strange if 420 and 4 others are being sold, I'd have imagined it would've been the B10Ms that are up for sale! Would be very interested if anyone can confirm what's going on.

  4. This is a stock photo, also this ad is no longeron the company website

    1. Where do "stock" photos come from?

    2. They should come from an official stock photo agency, one who pays the photographer for rights to use that image.
      More often than not someone just uses Google and pinches the photo though!

  5. After closer examination of the photo used for the advert, it actually appears to be my photo! Surprising though that they seem to have gone to the trouble of blanking out all of the PCB logos, but this is without a doubt the same photo, as the old London style blind box can be seen in the open front door, there is definitely a fitter at the controls in both photos, and the similarities continue. Permission was certainly never granted though! http://ptotpa.blogspot.co.uk/2011/06/new-livery-revealed.html

    1. It certainly looks the case Laurence. I knew I had seen that picture before somewhere!

    2. Now that's where it came from! It certainly did look familiar.


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