26 November 2012

The rain as it happened

The weather has been a bit of an issue over the last few days, and it looks like it will be for a day or so yet. These snippets are just a taster of the chaos out there. This is the story as it happened – on Twitter:

22nd November

23rd November

24 November

25th November

I will be having a closer look at how the buses managed later in the week! Take care out there...


  • Nevertheless, the more I look at social media, the more I am unconvinced by it, Luddite that I seem to be. When recently I asked some questions in a small survey, I predicted that I would be in the minority. That has certainly proved to be the case: Omnibuses
  • The good news is that our friend has found a way of persuading me that, after 2,500 miles of successful motoring this year, now is the time for Winter hibernation. The bad news is that we may now have a major job to add to the list... 270KTA
  • Blackpool Transport's final Metrorider 512 (S512LHG) was delivered to Blackpool Council's Streetscene Department as the new mess bus for the Track Services team today. Fylde Bus Blog
  • Shoreline Suncruisers started operating on Scarborough seafront in March 1991. It runs the seafront service 109 from the Corner Cafe in the peaceful North Bay to the Spa Complex at the end of the hustle and bustle of the sun filled South Bay Public Transport Experience
  • Okay this post should have been a photo reportage of our event at Maker Junction, Maker Heights, but yesterday saw a series of unfortunate events that culminated in hours of chaotic scenes but at the same time, calm & organised. Here's what happened from our perspective.. Hidden Plymouth
  • There are many who may well doubt the sanity of a nearly-68-year-old going on safari to Sheffield. To ride on buses! Public Transport Experience
  • The current operation is run by Connex and while looking at the pay and conditions CT Plus would inherit, quite a can of worms was uncovered. A Transport of Delight

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