27 November 2012

Swooped: R125OFJ

Having just come off the 20, Plymouth Citybus SLF 25 R125OFJ is seen on North Hill on the 42 to Tamerton Foliot.
17 November 2012
Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by Thomas 190 Plymouth Citybus 025 R125OFJ
28 August 2012
Plymouth Citybus 025 R125OFJ
18 August 2012
Plymouth Citybus 025 R125OFJ
23 January 2010
Plymouth Citybus 025 R125OFJ
25 July 2006
Plymouth Citybus 025 R125OFJ
30 August 2002



  • Increasingly throughout the country, First is rebranding. The number of buses in the new Pastels livery in some areas has reached a critical mass. Alongside its new Pastels shades, First is once again adopting local identities Omnibuses
  • fbb and a couple of equally nutty chums have assembled in Sheffield on a damp and drizzly November day to investigate first hand the consequences of the mould-breaking Sheffield bus partnership which started a fortnight earlier. Public Transport Experience


  1. Dennis the dart has been swooped! ( or should that be mini swooped!)

    looks brilliant! still got dennis dart ads on him too!

  2. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet but how will the 'swoop' look on the 12 reg volvos? Won't it cover the service number and some of the destination on the drivers side destination board which is on the window behind them?

    1. well I guess they will have plenty of time to work it out as I dont expect them to be repainted for quite a while!


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