28 November 2012

First refreshed: 41291 41295

Its not just Plymouth Citybus that has a new livery, First Devon & Cornwall  have also started repainting their buses into the new national group livery. I do like these buses but its a shame they couldn't be converted to single door. I am a self confessed fan of the new livery but it doesn't really work on these buses…

First 41291 T291JLD First 41295 T295JLD
Both © Richard Smith
Thanks Richard for the photos!

First 41295 T295JLD
At least they have sorted out the destination equipment on these now. First are excellent with their clear destination displays these days so they really stood out running with old style blinds. If only Citybus could replace the screens on some of their older Darts which are almost unreadable in the dark evenings


  • Will the worthy citizens of Sheffield be able to grasp the intricacies of this new route, representing, as it does, about the 5th re-organisation of these corridors in as many years? How many passengers are lost every time something "clever" like this is dreamed up by the scheduling teams? Public Transport Experience
  • In spite of a Blunket-chaired First School Bus Commission, First’s yellow bus project managed to be ignored by the DfT. It’s now difficult to find information about First Student UK on the First Group corporate website. Omnibuses
  • Anglianbus have started taking delivery of their 13 brand new MAN EcoCity gas powered buses, Andys Bus Blog
  • Earlier today a number of people were invited to try out the new East London Line extension between Surrey Quay’s and Clapham Junction. By the courtesy of the driver, I was allowed to video the drivers view – by the highly technical method of taking my mobile phone and sticking it to the drivers window with some blue-tac! Ian Visits


  1. Where's the local branding?

  2. I think the new livery looks smart on these Darts, it will certainly brighten up the routes.While low floor,how DDA compliant are they are? Please correct me if I am wrong, but I believe if under 7.5t that by 1st Jan 2015 ( or over 7.5t by 1st Jan 2016) that they must fully comply.If not,can they/would they be upgraded?

  3. If they are recently out of London, they probably are DDA compliant as I think all TfL contracted buses have been for some time. The ramps are likely to be on the centre door, which is probably why it hasn't been removed as moving it to the front adds to the single door conversion cost. As 14 year old buses, they must be within a few years of the end of their lives.

  4. Although disappointing that they have not been converted to single door I can well understand that the age of the buses probably means its not worth the cost. This being Plymouth they could well be around for a while though!

  5. MM saw this one broken down today on the viaduct above the bus stn. Sooner First sell up the better!


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