23 November 2012

Old Fleet News

Its been a long time since I last did this, so here is another look back at Fleet News from Buses Magazine this time February 1970:


Plymouth has withdrawn No 30 JJY530 a 1954 Leyland bodied Leyland PD2/12 and it has been recommissioned as a training vehicle.

Western National.

The Southern National company ceased to trade as from November 25th last year (1969) and all vehicles are now owned and operated by Western National and carry that fleet name as from the date of repainting. In addition, all coaches are to be painted white with a blue band and will have the Royal Blue fleet name. A new style of fleetname has been introduced too. On service buses this is in yellow, edges black, block capital letters which are clearly seen when applied to the cream waistband of single-deckers.

New buses delivered to Western National are 737 to 740 POD805-808H and 750 POD809H which are ECW B43F bodied Bristol LH6Ls. Bristol KS5G No 999 LTA818 has been reinstated . Another KS5G No 1831 LTA941 is now owned by Camm, Nottingham. Sherrin of Carhampton has acquired 1359 OTT41 a Bristol LS6G with ECW C39F bodywork.


POD809H September 1978
Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by Clive Brown


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