21 November 2012

a bit wet


Well its certainly been a bit of a wet day today.

Plymouth Citybus Facebook:

Good morning we have major problems across the network with closed roads due to flooding. We cannot serve Tamerton Foliot - buses will terminate at Dunnet Road. The school service from Kingsbridge will only operate from Yealmpton inwards as the road is closed beyond Yealmpton Although passable there are floods on Outland Road, The Embankment, Peverell Park Road, Wolesley Road, Alma Road, Pike Road, Lipson Vale, Plymouth Road and Sutton Road

We are also aware of floods on Southway Drive and at Staddiscombe although both these roads are passable with care.

We apologise for the service distruptions this morning as we have sections of Plymouth that are shut due to flooding for example Tamerton Foliot and Gdynia Way. There is gridlock traffic on Mannamead Road and flooding on Outland Road and Alma Road. You will experience high delays as we have various diversions in place and traffic is taking alternate routes to avoid the closed areas.Please bear with us, we apologise and will update as and when we can.

First Devon & Cornwall

to let you all know that we are experiencing flooding locally due to overnight rains in some areas of Devon and around Plymouth. Although it has stopped raining this may cause some service disruption while the waters drain away and cars are recovered. Most affected areas are the A379 at Dunstone Cross (93 service), Gydinia Way (PR2, X80, 88, 180) and Stadiscombe (service 6).

... we expect Gydinia Way to be the biggest issue as last report was 5 feet of water and 2 cars part submerged. Traffic is building up along The Embankment so the knock-on effect could go on longer than the flooding itself.

It appears the flooding at Gydinia Way has knocked-on and caused City Centre congestion which has affected these services. We apologise for the disruption and hope you will appreciate the cause was outside of our control.

.... just in aswell from BBC Travel Southwest is that the A385 Marley Head to Shinners Bridge is closed due to flooding,

... to add... local flooding in Plympton (180 service) and A388 Launceston to Callington (76 service).

... to keep you updated with the flood issues the East End of Plymouth remains problematic where traffic along The Embankment is very slow caused by the flooding on Gydinia Way that is now starting to ease.
This has had a knock-on effect to all services including our Mountbatten service 2, Stadiscombe services 6 & 7, Wembury service 48, Kingsbridge & Dartmouth service 93. Although other areas are still reporting delays we are experiencing congestion as people attempt to bypass the trouble spots. As the traffic congestion eases we will be able to re-position our fleet to better correspond with our published timetables.

Well that was today. The poor weather is to continue with more bad weather due tomorrow so…

PLYMOUTH: We have just been notified by Plymouth City Council, that due to extreme weather conditions forecast tomorrow (Thursday). The Plymouth Xmas light switch on is not going ahead as planned and therefore the PR1/PR2 will operate the usual timetable. The lights will still be switched on however there will be no entertainment or stage events.

Its not just the local buses either:


Finally on Facebook we had a reply to a question “Is it true that Stagecoach are taking over in Plymouth?”

To all who have expressed interest in this topic, while we appreciate the interest that you have all shown in the First UK Bus disposal process there is nothing we can tell you about it here. There is much speculation around the UK and the disposal process in general, but as things stand there is nothing that we can confirm. It is also worth noting that much of the speculation is just that: speculation. Where anything changes in relation to the disposal process our staff, customers and stakeholders will be the first to be told. Thanks (BK)


  1. It never ceases to amaze me that we need vast amounts f new technology to tell us the blindingly obvious. If it rains heavily there will be floods. Instead of having staff crouched over their keyboards, why not staff a telephone system? In my youth the village mafia would disseminate details of road closures, floods very effectively with no technology. "Mrs Pulley has just told me that Yorks buses are going the long way round today."
    Mind you a good old low tech front engined bus could get through almost anything!

  2. Except a Police "Road Closed" sign, presumably?


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