29 November 2012

Looe Shut

Notice just put out by Western Greyhound

LOOE AND SOUTH EAST CORNWALL : MAJOR DISRUPTION TO SERVICES - Sandplace Road in Looe remains closed but from 0930 tomorrow morning St Martins Hill will also be closed possibly till 14 December. We can therefore not get into Looe any way other than from the Polperro direction. This means that service 573 will have to operate Polperro - Pelynt - then via Taphouses and A38 into Liskeard, not serving St Keyne, Duloe or Liskeard Station.

Service 572 will only be able to operate Barbican to Plymouth. There will inevitably be some other disruption as buses and crews will end up in the wrong places. No buses will be able to serve Looe. We understand that the Liskeard - Looe railway line may also have to be closed. This is clearly a crisis and we have strongly suggested to Cornwall Council that they buy in additional feeder buses for the duration of the closure, as great hardship will be caused if these villages are not served by publc transport. Thank you to Councillor Edwina Hannaford for her assistance in lobbying for this.

There is a meeting at 0900 to discuss the whole issue and we will post information as soon as we have it. The normal service from Looe school in the afternoon will not run as buses will be unable to get there at the scheduled times. Requests for replacement bus services or difficulties should be directed to ptu@cornwall.gov.uk. Apologies for the inevitable inconvenience but we will be fighting to try and keep bus services as close to normal as possible


  1. what you need is a bus running from Sandplace to Liskeard, via Duloe and St Keyne. At least then residence will be able to go to town. This service is well used. And a bus [Looe Town Bus?] from Looe to Polperro for a connection

    But perhaps we will think twice about going to Plymouth


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