30 November 2012

Life after Plymouth–with a new coat of paint

Another repaint into the new First livery is this Optare Solo 53206 T77TRU which looks a lot better than the Marshall bodied Darts. Sadly though its no longer ‘one of ours’ as with so many of our better buses its gone East to Southampton!53206 T77TRU FIRST
Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by EastleighBusMan

I last caught this bus on camera back in August still in the old Barbie colours:First 53206 T 77TRU
11 August 2012

Plymothian Transit Recommends

  • EastleighBusMan Flickr
  • Anglianbus have confirmed that the first 6 of their brand new MAN EcoCity gas buses will be ready to hit the road next week Andys Bus Blog
  • One industry that really specialises in its own, individual and esoteric terminology is marketing. This is strange. Isn’t the guiding principle of marketing one of simple, direct, clear communication of a product or service? Omnibuses
  • The Council was particularly proud to inform us all that the steep top bit of Bents Road had been fitted with heating elements to melt the snow and ice so that buses could cope with the junction. Public Transport Experience


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