05 December 2012

Dennis gets swoops

I am sorry for the lack of posts over the last few days. A technical hitch over the planned post for Monday and then the need to restrict the amount of time I spend on the computer has conspired against me. I will still try to get 5 posts a week but I have to get the balance between blog and family back towards the family. Its all to easy to let this thing take over which I have been guilty of recently not spending enough time with the family. I am now putting this right!

IMG_1116 ©Richard Smith
Thanks to Richard for this nice shot of "Dennis Dart" with his new swoop!

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  • One of the thrills of Sheffield City centre's road scheme is the effect it has on logic and a passenger's sense of direction. Buses travelling in a north westerly direction leave from Snig Hill facing south and do a circuit of the city centre before returning to Snig Hill facing north Public Transport Experience
  • While wealthier and poorer older people alike enjoy the real and social benefits of free travel, young people, a lot of whom are unemployed these days, struggle with cash fares. Omnibuses
  • When good friend Giles Fearnley stepped out of early retirement to lead First Group's bus business in the UK, fbb proffered some vehement comments about his chum's sanity; comments that were, obviously, ignored. Public Transport Experience
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  • In ever helpful mode, Travel South Yorkshire's electronics was telling us all about the 75 and the 17, but not a squeak about the 76. Public Transport Experience
  • After a very dodgy start with at-stop confusing ticket machines and then a takeover by Stagecoach Sheffield trams are now perceived to be a huge success. Indeed if the politicians can procure the pennies, further expansion is on the cards. Public Transport Experience


  1. Now I am decidedly old (2 years to go to Biblical sell-by date!) demands of family are less as they have all long-since flown the next. But this blogging lark is a very virulent disease which Mrs fbb now calls my "obsession"! I do need to speak with the wife occasionally! Thank you for your tireless efforts and I am sure that you (like Mr Busing - pronouced Bews-ing?) deserve a seasonal scribal sabbath or seven!


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