05 November 2012

First Refreshed Dart

Thanks to Richard Smith for this nice shot of recently repainted Dennis Dart 41795 in First new livery. Whilst not the oldest bus into the new scheme its still a surprising repaint being the first Marshall Dart and the first dual door non articulated bus into the livery. Now I actually like the new livery but it has to be said it really doesn't work on this bus, especially on this side!IMG_0965

©Richard Smith

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  • The full repaint list First Group New Livery Database


    • Integrated transport in 1957? And we think such schemes are new and trendy. Imagine asking a Southern Vectis driver for a through ticket to Bournemouth today? Public Transport Experience
    • It only takes one driver to begin to undo the good work of hundreds. Honest, decent drivers probably get noticed much less (if at all) than those who act aggressively or stupidly. Omnibuses
    • Of course, all mechanical and electrical systems will fail in the event of some disruption to the train service. Equally, when the systems were operated by a real person, on site, available to the enquiring passenger, there was a chance of some comforting or helpful news Public Transport Experience
    • The $64,000 question must now surely be this: in the Battle for Marchwood & the Waterside, who will blink first? Because surely the Waterside cannot support both the enhanced 8 and the new 11 (in addition to Bluestar’s 9 that continues every 20 minutes, but not via Marchwood). Omnibuses
    • Back track 6 and a half years ago, and First operated many routes into Bude - the route to Plymouth was the X8, supported by the X9 to Exeter, the 128 town service, the 285 to Holsworthy and the 319 to Hartland. Southern England Bus Scene

    1. The livery is awful, it doesn't look that good on double deckers, but on the dart it looks worse!!! Although it is an improvement on the red it wore previously.

    2. I do think this livery suits the P&R E400s brilliantly, it certainly doesn't look right on these Darts, and in my own opinion any single decker!

    3. This looks dreadful!

      Still no local branding.....


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