03 November 2012

Citybus Timetables 44 - 49

We are nearly there with all the 11 November changes…

Service 44/A

Services have been retimed to improve reliability with both Services retimed in the peaks to create an even combined bus every 10 minutes from earlier in the day and will maintain this frequency until a little later in the day. Evening Services on Sundays have also been returned to compliment the retimed Sunday day timetable. Service 44/A together with Service 40 and 41 provide buses up to every 5 minutes for most of the day Monday to Saturday between the City Centre and Crownhill.



Service 45

This is a new service commences from the 30th September providing almost express type services between Ivybridge and Plymouth every 30 minutes Monday to Saturday and hourly on Sunday.

Service 46

This is a new service designed to replace the recently withdrawn connections between Ernesttle Whitleigh Southway to Derriford Hospital. The Service is to operate hourly off peak Monday to Friday.


Service 49

This service operates under tender with Devon County Council and is not changing.

Plymouth Citybus 046 Y646NYD


  • It has been a quiet last month in the Norfolk Green fleet. East Norfolk Bus Blog
  • As the London’s media watches from a distance, it seems almost inevitable that someone will look to the City and ask “could it happen here?” There are key differences between New York’s relationship with its rivers and the Atlantic, and London’s relationship with the Thames and the North Sea, but it is a fair question nonetheless. London Reconnections
  • Stagecoach today announced a £3.2m investment in a fleet of Britain’s biggest coaches as it continues to meet growing demand for its market-leading inter-city travel service Megabus. East Norfolk Bus Blog
  • It seems that the good people who lead the local councils in West Yorkshire can still spot a bargain when they see one. Suddenly, they’ve been motivated to think again about bus quality contracts because the DfT has dangled the carrot of a BSOG uplift before them Omnibuses
  • Its been a while since we last brought you a report from Ipswich where quite a lot has happened in recent months. East Norfolk Bus Blog
  • Anyways, the insane technicolor monstrosity is meant to be understandable by whom?, took me 2 minutes to understand it, probably not great for colour-blind people or people susceptible to epilepsy. Public Transport Experience
  • Konectbus are set to arrive on the North Norfolk Coast later this month when they launch their brand new konectexpress 2 service between Norwich, Cromer & Sheringham on Sunday 18th November East Norfolk Bus Blog

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  1. Interesting how with the 44/As after 1555 it's all 44s - no 44As. I suppose this will probably improve reliability in the evening peak with all buses going one-way round Whitleigh.

    46 seems a bit tight on the timetable what with only one bus assigned though I'd certainly put an extra run from Derriford at around 1715ish, which could terminate at Ernesettle and do a one off extra trip into town as a 43 from Erensettle at 1720.


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