05 November 2012

Good News


We are pleased to announce that the industrial action planned for Thursday 8 November had been suspended by the union representing drivers and engineers in Devon and Cornwall.

This follows talks on Friday 2 November afternoon during which a new offer was tabled by the company.
The union will be meeting with its members this week to consult on the offer (which guarantees staff a 2% pay increase from 2 December and a further 2.3% increase from April next year) and in the meantime the planned industrial action has been suspended.
This means that bus services in Devon and Cornwall will operate as normal on Thursday 8 November. Buses will also operate as normal on Friday 9 November, the date that the union had previously said that they would stage a walkout.
We continue to work with the union to resolve the on-going dispute.

First Devon & Cornwall

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  1. That's not as much as the 7.1% they turned down, I note that there will be no back-pay with this deal either. Does anyone know what conditions are attached to the deal?


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