15 November 2012

EuroBus Expo: Versa

Go Ahead Optare Versa
Another shot from EuroBus Expo2012.
There is a chance that this one may appear in Plymouth at some stage as its a Go Ahead Group demonstrator and after a while at Go Northern it is apparently going be passed around other Go Ahead Group companies. There is no guarantee that includes Plymouth Citybus, but you never know!
It certainly would not look out of place in this red livery.


  • The dilemma? Should fbb send a cheque for £4 to Uncle Brian as he might be a bit short in the run-up to Christmas, having bought lots of First Bus companies? Public Transport Experience
  • And that’s the part that worries me, for there remains a downside to social media. It may not be trendy to say so but, suddenly, a private complaint is anything but. Everyone gets to hear about it and they all chip in. “Yeah, me too”. “And me”. It’s mob rule out there, it’s irrational, it’s without governance and it’s without standards. Omnibuses


  1. I do like the Optare flare, they are far more appealing than Darts, Enviros etc. With a weight saving they should help to keep fares low and there is an option to have the hybrids or electrics

  2. I see that 2 of the old R plates are back on the road today in service. Ex Oxford? Didn't spend long as driver trainers!

  3. 215 and 216 were used to add additional capacity to the network to enable us to carry FDC customers left stranded. Coaches were also used on the grammar school services to free up double decks. We are always happy to accept constructive criticism about our vehicle allocation but sarcasm helps no one. We don’t always get our allocation right but in situations such as yesterday’s strike it was all hands to the pumps and judging by the several thousand extra customers carried on our services we got something right. For information 215 and 216 are out again this morning operating duplicate journeys to assist with capacity issues on a couple of the new services.

  4. I don't think there is any sarcasm there Brian George - It's true. I couldn't give a monkies what vehicles are out on the road. Well done for someone to have the brains to put them into service. There is no need for attitude in comments.


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