14 November 2012

Strike Two

Strike Update for Thursday 15th November 2012 - Services operating

Wednesday 14 November 2012

Some First bus drivers, engineers and back office staff, who are part of the RMT Union are taking part in a 24 hour walk out from 00.01 hours tonight, until 12.59 hours tomorrow (thursday) night. The dispute is linked to pay.
What follows is a summary of those services that we expect to be able to run on Thursday - everything else is expected to be severely disrupted / suspended for the duration of the 24 hour walk out.
We would strongly advise customers to allow additional time for important journeys where possible to avoid disappointment.
As things stand we hope to run the following:

In Cornwall

  • Contracted services to Truro College (ie all 900 services)
  • A shuttle bus service between Falmouth and the Tremough Campus " NB we hope to run this on a half hourly basis throughout the day if possible
  • Eden Rider service (includes Park and Ride and Service 101 from St Austell)
  • On Service 2, we will operate buses between Penzance and Goldsithney and back again. They will run hourly from 0945 until 1545, with the exception of the 1245 departure, when the driver will be having a break. In addition, buses will operate between Helston (Tescos) and Porthleven on an hourly basis from around 0900 hours, with a break at midday to allow the driver to rest. Buses will operate as close to the scheduled timetable as possible, although the last bus will be at 1358 from Helson Tesco, and 1429 from Porthleven
  • On Service 18, we will operate a journey from Camborne to Truro at 0727 hours, and a return journey at 16.05 hours. In addition, during the day (ie between 0900 and 1500 hours) we hope to operate an hourly service from Truro to Camborne, with buses leaving both locations on the hour.
  • Service 18C from Mousehole to Cornwall College: we will operate the 0740 departure from Mousehole (The Coastguard) to Cornwall College, and the return journey at 1650 from Cornwall College " Mousehole,
  • Service 37/34: A journey to and from The Lizard and Cornwall College: at 0725 hours from The Lizard, and 1645 from Cornwall College
  • Service 38, this Helston town service will operate between 1030 and 1430 hours, keeping as close to the normal scheduled timetable as possible between these times,
  • Service 39: A journey to and from Helston and Cornwall College: at 0740 from Helston and 1645 from Cornwall College,
  • Service 45: A journey to and from Camborne and Helston School: at 0745 from Camborne and 1530 from Helston School.

    In Devon

  • A reduced Park and Ride Service in Plymouth (with buses running up to every 15 minutes, rather than every 7 minutes on normal days).
  • Service 2: We hope to run a half hourly service on in Plymouth (City Centre " Mountbattern Pier via Plymstock and Hooe). This will operate every 30 minutes, departing city centre and Mount Batten on the hour and 30 minutes past. Between 1130 and 1330 the service will only operate hourly, this is to allow the drivers on the route to have the necessary breaks. The last bus will leave the city centre at 1800 hours.
  • Service 86: A journey to and from Plymouth to Tavistock College: at 0720 from Plymouth, and 1505 from Tavistock
  • Service 89, Tavistock town bus: we hope to operate the normal timetable throughout most of the day albeit with break around lunchtime to allow the driver to have a necessary rest period.


  1. Suppose its better than nothing. Every 15mins on the P&Rs shouldnt be too much of a problem.

    Clearly though, it seems as though First have dug themselves a hole they can't get out of.

  2. How have First dug a hole? Surely it is the RMT that have dug a hole that they can't get out of by rejecting two pay deals and all for a bit of back-pay.


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