16 November 2012

Vodaphone Freebies

©Nick Rice

First Devon & Cornwall have been had a few advert wraps recently with this one for Vodaphone being the latest to appear on Trident 33173. This is just one of many across the country in this scheme. Its nice that the windows have been left clear for a change!

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    • South Yorkshire residents are used to having no road names on their maps and inconsistent (often plain wrong) notes added by TSY staff to increase the obfuscation. But this particular item reaches new heights of uselessness Public Transport Experience
    • It’s taken two managing directors, two revised liveries, two agencies and three years since privatisation finally to shake up Plymouth Citybus. The weekday results went live on Monday. Every commercial service’s been affected in one way or another. Omnibuses
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    1. I must admit that I sensed some enthusiasts were tiring of the “contravision” windows covered/uncovered issue, so apologises to them for this comment! Perhaps, it should also be said that whilst Citybus were criticized for their new livery “swoop” being partly applied to the windows, the Citybus livery is far less windows invasive that many of the First D&C promotional ones. So well done to Vodafone and First for this advertising wrap, which “clearly” does not cover the windows. Is there an irony that a mobile phone company has kept the windows clear? Some commentators have remarked that the reason many passengers are not bothered these days about the windows is that they are busily occupied on their mobile phones to care.


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