28 August 2012

The Select Few: Jack Kingdon

'Select' or personalised registration plates seem to upset a lot of enthusiasts in the bus ands coach world for both "being a waste of money" and also for hiding the true identity of buses, thus making it harder to keep track of them. Personally though I am a fan (when done properly) as it can show pride in a fleet. Over the next few days we will have a few local operators who clearly take pride in their fleets.
We start with Jack Kingdon:
Jack Kingdon JK06JCK Jack Kingdon JK11JCK Jack Kingdon JK12JCK

They have also have JK02JCK  and JK08JXK 



  • Rear Loaders Fylde Bus Blog
  • It has been a quiet month after the Golf focused activities of July. Fylde Bus Blog
  • But there was one redeeming feature of this bus station; and one redeeming feature of Powys bus information at stops generally:-There were timetables. You could actually work out where you were going and when you would get there. It's this sort or astounding innovation that brings a joy to the heart and a lump to the throat. Public Transport Experience
  • And talking of liveries, with one of Weston-super-Mare’s buses, we get an insight as to what a modern, clean-lined bus looks like in a traditional livery. Omnibuses
  • Ordinarily, people get around the vast airport using an equally vast fleet of buses, but when Terminal 5 was constructed, they decided to try something different. A purpose built private “railway” carrying passengers from the Business carpark direct to the Terminal building, and rather than a conventional multi-carriage train, give each user/family their own private carriage. Ian Visits
  • And you have to feel sorry for Giles Fearnley, head honcho of First Bus. He is appointed to "sort out" an ailing company, chunks of which are "not performing up to expectations". Now that's management-speak for "losing eye-watering amounts of dosh". So, being the consummate manager that he is, Fearnley starts pruning the sick plant. Public Transport Experience


  1. CaterFood have all the CFD.... Clever!

  2. Have you ever thought of trying to catalogue Virgin Media's take on Eddie Stobart around Plymouth?


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