26 August 2012

Railway Timetables

I cam across this post on A Transport of Delight a few days ago:

“So, I was very pleased to see that hard copies of the Working Timetable covering all railway lines here in Great Britain are now available to view online - albeit rather hidden at present”

In their post they give the book numbers needed for their area so here I attempt to do the same for anyone that's interested in this sort of thing…

We also get a view of the Freight timetables which have always been a lot harder to track down


There is also a nice guide which details the codes in use in the timetables which will be more of use to enthusiasts more than passengers I guess

Laira Junction


  • Having been sadly disappointed by the offering at Halesowen, fbb was anxious to see if Stourbridge offered anything better. And beautifully better it was. First and foremost it has toilets. Public Transport Experience
  • I like photographing in Gosport bus station. The angles of the sun change throughout the day, without any angle impeding you. There is a steady but not boring nor over-baring flow of buses to keep you entertained, and if you get bored you can pop on the ferry over to Portsmouth and The Hard. Or an ice cream on the front, watching as the nautical world goes by. Southern England Bus Scene
  • Who would have thought that public transport had a part to play in the invention of today's vast mail order industry. Indirectly, then, Amazon owes its very existence to Pryce Pryce-Jones, Rowland Hill and the Cambrian Railways! Well, maybe. Public Transport Experience
  • Here’s the result of yesterday’s (very) short Plymouth Citybus livery poll regarding an image revision after only 18 months. Voting was brisk. Indeed, it was our second most popular poll ever (and this is August, too). Omnibuses

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  1. Graham - This is a really great find. Many thanks for sharing it with us. I have now got a much better idea of when to lineside with the camera at Fowey and Moorswater, waiting for the elusive freights! Accepting, of course, that they don't run every day.

    Also intermediate timings for the Night Riviera help to explain how it manages to lose so much time between Plymouth and Paddington (but had to trawl through several books for the answer) - runs via Bristol and has long station stops at Taunton and Reading.



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