29 August 2012

The Select Few: WG Underhill


Number two in the Select Few series is WG Underhill who have a smart fleet of Scania tippers in a nice yellow livery:

WG Underhill Y100WGU WG Underhill WU52WGU WG Underhill SU06WGU
saving the best till last...
WG Underhill SU06WGU

Its clever how they manage to make their own identity shine out (literally) when in Bardons corporate livery.


  • First Fights on Four Fronts [Part 1] A least! Who would be a manager, eh? Public Transport Experience
  • As local managers at First are reported as having more sway, there’s a rush at First to engage in some local conflicts. Some are pre-emptive; others responsive. Omnibuses

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