13 August 2012

The last few 4

Concluding for now…

GDR/N batch no known survivors last example was 85/210 part open top last in Blackpool.

(Jorvik August 2007)

LTK/R batch 100 thought to be last surviving example in Kidderminster but no trace found to date. PCB Leyland Atlantean AN 211 (ex-86)+93 - Ply., Garage PCB - 03-07-1987
© Jos Van Hemert July 1987 GDR211N and LTK93R

OCO/S batch no known survivors last examples open top 108 with Arriva Wales and 120 with Gemini Travel Swansea both now scrapped. Plymouth 120 (OCO 120S)
Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by Ian Kirby
STK/T batch only known survivors 124 in USA 125 see PCTPG 130 in Thailand 131 133 with PCTPG 129 scrapped and 132 Unknown presumed scrapped. [STK124T San Francisco]
VJY/V batch only known survivors 138 in Warwickshire 141 at Winkleigh 143 is unknown but presumed scrapped PCT Leyland Atlantean AN 138 - Ply., Garage PCT - 07-1981
© Jos Van Hemert July 1981

ATK/W batch only known survivors 150 in ??? but licensed until August 2012, 151 a store shed in Chesterfield, 153 a wreck in Cornwall, 154 with Chepstow classic buses, 157 a wreck in cornwall 

with 153, 160 open top in Sweden, 161 open top last in Scotland May 2011 then reported but unconfirmed scrapped.
ODV/W batch 158 (202) scrapped, 159 (203) open top with Padarn bus in Snowdonia North Wales.
TTT/X batch 162 semi preserved with Roselyn, 163 Wreck in Cornwall with 153/7, 164 shed in Cornwall same location as 163, 165-7 scrapped, 168 PCTPG, 169 in Malaysia, 170 PCTPG, 171 TTT169X LEYLAND ATLANTEAN AN68C/1R EAST LANCS H43/31F PCT 169 'NANCY LADY ASTOR'
© Nick Spencer 'Tipperman' July 1984

TTT/X (Olympian) 172 sold recently by Chepstow Classic to an unknown buyer, 173 last with Red Kite scrapped, 174 scrapped by Renown bexhill.


PCB Leyland Olympian 174 - Ply., Andrews Cross - 16-07-1987
Jos Van Hemert July 1987

Thanks to Jason Beverely at the PCTPG

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