11 August 2012

The last few 3

Part three of the series…

VOD/K batch no known Plymouth survivors
NFJ/M batch 19 NFJ 592M only known survivor PCB Bristol LH 20 (Ex-WN 1595) - Ply., Garage PCB - 07-1984

©Jos Van Hemert: Milehouse July 1984

RCO/K does not survive
SCO/L batch no known survivors last example was 27 gone by 1990
UCO/L batch no known survivors last example was 53 with Lincolnshire Road Car gone by 1997
WDR/M batch no known survivors last example was 66 disguised as Provincial CRU 146L with an id swop in 1982 this survived until 2009 in Poole Harbour.

PCT Leyland National 66 - Ply., Exeter St - 07-1977
©Jos Van Hemert July 1977


The National story has been researched from every possible angle and whilst as much as anyone else I would have loved the outcome to be a positive one I'm afraid its sadly not to be. There is a dual door L reg National in store in a disused hanger but it’s WFM 823L ex Crosville stock and no relation to UCO54L. I can confirm amongst the last Plymouth Nationals were UCO 53L, UCO 60L, WDR 661M, WDR 673M, WDR 675M ALL gone by or before 2000. WDR 665M lost in around 2003 and WDR 666M disguised as CRU 146L as late as September 2010.

Jason Beverley


Coming up:

Plymouth Citybus have published details and potential timetables for their network revamp after the first round of consultations – and there are quite a few changes to the initial proposals. We take a close look at what they propose…


  • So, ATOC, if you want correct and useful information about buses adjacent to stations, DON'T USE TRAVELINE as your database; at least not in Sheffield! Public Transport Experience
  • Cromer is the largest town on the north-east Norfolk coast, and is famous for its pier, narrow streets, cliffs and the beach below. Southern England Bus Scene


  1. Such a shame there are no Plymouth Nationals left, what happened to the one in 2010, could that not of been saved?

  2. we tried but by the time it was traced it had already been scrapped


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