14 August 2012

Recent Repaints

We have seen quite a flurry of repaints at Milehouse over the last month or so. I like to try and feature all of them at some stage on the blog "for the record" especially those that are going into the present all over red livery as it will be short-lived with a new livery expected to be unveiled any day now...
25 R125OFJ
{;ymouth Citybus 025 R125OFJ
136 WA08LDF
Plymouth Citybus 136 WA08LDF
137 WA08LDJ
Plymouth Citybus 137 WA08LDJ

69 WA03BHY
Plymouth Citybus 069 WA03BHY


  • Perhaps one of the lesser known preserved lines, running trains over a short length of the former Northampton to Market Harborough line; just 1½ miles long at the moment, centred on Pitsford and Brampton station Public Transport Experience
  • Indeed, the effort on the part of First UK Bus (spectator transport), Stagecoach (games family) and TfL, not to forget their sub-contractors, has been truly olympic in nature. Omnibuses
  • As promised, I have been able to obtain some new photos of the Enviro 200s which recently arrived at the Caister Road depot East Norfolk Bus Blog
  • Nearly finished is the re-developed Western National O C Ltd depot situated underneath the Malakoff Bus Station. Originally built in 1930 the garage situated below was never used for vehicles owing to access problems. TGP
  • There has been a lot of press about fleet movements with First Devon & Cornwall at the moment. Every movement in or out seems to be given an extensive analysis. Southern England Bus Scene
  • With the wonders of Flickr, you are able to delve into the various settings that the masters use to gain the best photos, without this guidence, I would have been completely lost PTOTPA
  • It is a real and useless mess. It needs sorting out OR removing from the ATOC site. And, please, pretty please, do not attempt to import data from Traveline without a massive effort at revising and editing its terrible stop definition system Public Transport Experience
  • Today, we celebrate a small but nevertheless olympic feat of our own. This is the Omnibuses Blog’s 2,500th post. Omnibuses
  • Norfolk's 16-19 year olds are set to benefit as the county becomes the first in the UK to offer discounts on all operators buses in the area. Andys Bus Blog


  1. Any news on what the new livery is likely too be as of yet?

    1. Nope!
      All we know is it will be mainly red with (probably) some white. I am not expecting anything too flashy or over-designed - but there are very few clues other than the plain red buses themselves.

  2. Allvoer red with a Citybus twang... Easier for London transfers...?

    1. Ha! it would be the case to a point, but Citybus usually repaint their buses fully before placing them in service so it really dont make any difference what colour they arrive in!

  3. Myself, I think all over red looks a lot more flashy and goes with the new logo maybe a bit of white might make it look even better!

  4. Have to admit, I really like the plain red too!

  5. It's definitely grown on me. Perhaps something like this...?

    I thought about maybe white around the windows, though as a result from this very quick mock up let's hope they don't!

    Definitely needs some white on there somewhere though.

  6. However, they don't want the danger of reverting back to the old livery with just a different shade of red. In my opinion that livery was awful.

  7. Citybus have always been quite 'conservative' when it comes to liveries and seem unwilling to do anything radically different, I mean their replacement for the grey skirt livery was to replace the grey with red, paint around the sides of the front red and add a bit of black at the top.

    When the yellow B10Ms do finally go (when that is though I don't know!), I'd like to see their replacements in the Student Link livery, which I don't think would look too bad.



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