15 August 2012

Citybus Proposals Take 2 Part 1

The first round of consultations are over and Citybus have published the latest plans for the network revamp. This time they have also given us proposed timetables as well as just the route details. I will be looking at the plans over the next few days…

  • Service 4S

This service is to be withdrawn following the ending of our contract with Lipson School (Extra)


  • Service 5/A

Service 5/A is unchanged and will continue to provide Services to Plymstock from the City centre via Prince Rock. (Extra)


  • Service 8 and Service 9

Service 8A/C/D to be replaced with Service 8. Both Services retimed in the peaks to create an even combined bus every 10 minutes from earlier in the day and will maintain this frequency until a little later in the day.(Extra)

PCB 008 PCB 009

  • Service 13

Minor changes to intermediate timing points within the timetable to provide improved reliability. There are no changes to the number of journeys or days of operations. Service 13 is provided with financial support from Plymouth City Council (Extra)

PCB 013

  • Service 16/B

Service 16 has been retimed to improve reliability with services operating every 15 minutes for more of the day than at present. Service 16B is to be replaced with Service 16. (Services to Holly Park being covered by changes to the Service 43B) Sunday Services increased from the current hourly to every 30 minutes during the day and operating hourly Sunday to Saturday evening. (Extra)

PCB 016A PCB 016B

Not a lot to say about these few so far. There are certainly improvements here in frequency, and are pretty much as originally proposed a few weeks ago which suggests there has not been any outcry over these changes.

Feel free to add your comments here as usual, but dont forget to tell Citybus if you have any concerns or suggestions either on their Chatterbus page here where you can also see the full list of services that are up for change. Dont wait for them to appear here as you only have till Friday to comment to Citybus!



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  1. That is good news that the 5 and 5A is to remain. I did think that with the ending of the First/Citybus “bus wars” that these services might have been withdrawn.

  2. 4 of the P&R enviros seen on Gydnia Way today

  3. yes all of them are in plymouth depot. was told by a very reliable park and ride driver.


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