16 August 2012

Planned Timetables Part 2


  • Service 20

Service to Mudge Way via Glen road has been restored with Services operating from Steer Park to Mudge Way then into Woodford before continuing to the City Centre via Lipson Vale. On most journeys once the bus has reached the City Centre will continue as the Service 42 to Derriford Hospital. Further changes to the Service 20 include the provision of an evening service seven days per week complementing a Sunday day service operating hourly. (PT EXtra for full timetable)

PCB 020A


  • Service 21/A /B

The current Service 21 and 22 are to be replaced with new services 21/A/B Service 21/A will depart from the City Centre up to every 10 minutes Monday to Saturday and every 15 minutes evenings and Sundays. From Mudge way Service 21 will operate Westfield, Chaddlewood, Sandy Road, St Maurice to Mudge Way. Service 21A operating St Maurice, Sandy Road, Chaddlewood, West Field to Mudge Way. Service 21/A is to operate to the City Centre via Embankment Road and Prince Rock and in most cases it will be possible continue through to Devonport on the Service 26. On evenings Sunday to Saturday these services will combined provide a bus every 30 minutes from the City Centre to Plympton. Service 21B will provide additional trips in the morning and evening peak Monday to Saturday and will operate hourly from Steer Park to the City Centre via Chaddlewood, Westfield, Gen Road and Prince Rock. (PT Extra for timetables)


PCB 021A PCB 021B


  • Service 22

Service 22 is to be replaced by the new Service 21 and Service 21A Revised service 20 will now connect Plympton to the City via Lipson (See Service 20 for more information).

Network Map (Finished Map)

These have altered a bit from the original version Here and HERE. It is good to see that although most runs on the 20 will run through onto the 42 both sections keep their route numbers. The same with the 21 and 26 routes which will run through but keep their own numbers. You get the cross city connections without confusing everyone. I hope the final timetables do emphasise where the through connections work so passengers can see the cross connections.

  • Service 23/D and Service 24

Service 23D will be replaced by Service 23. Both services have minor time changes in the peaks, with additional late evening services on Sundays being provided by the Service 23. More on PT Extra

  • Service 25

Minor changes to times with additional journeys in the School day peak to enable a regular 30 minute timetable to be delivered Monday to Saturday and also on Sundays during the summer months. More on PT Extra



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  1. At the bottom of the timetables, for example Service 21A that gets to Royal Parade at 0751, underneath 0751 and underneath the Royal Parade time for each trip, will be a code saying 'this bus continues to...' then a code for the 0801 26 to Barne Barton. Same for the 20/42/A and other cross-city routes, like the 45 and 43A.

  2. Cross city services are a worry - 20 into a 42; 33 into the new 45. This has been tried many times over the past few decades - 1982 with the launch of the 'Citybus' network, First tried cross city working by merging the 1/2 services with the 5/6, all you need is a hold up at Charles Church round about and you're stuffed! I have fed this back to PCB, whether any notice is taken is another thing!


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