24 May 2012

Plus Bus is Ten

Plus Bus is apparently ten years old!
Since its initial launch in June 2002, PlusBus has seen growing popularity with ticket sales increasing by 25% in the last 12 months to just under one million transactions. The scheme has been boosted by growing internet purchases and to celebrate its 10th birthday, all PlusBus tickets sold online during June and July will cost just £1.50. Passenger Transport

PLUSBUS is a cheap travelcard that you buy with your train ticket at any station ticket office, by 'phone or online. It gives you bus and tram travel to and from the rail station and around the whole urban area of town that's at the start &/or end of your train journey. 

Visit the Plus Bus web site for more details on the £1.50 offer for June and July

It certainly seems a good offer but its hard to see any info on this locally. It was only researching this item that I realised Citybus accept the ticket. It is of course purchased with a train ticket so I guess its more for the train companies to promote it rather than the bus companies although First have had 48270 in this livery since July 2007 at least. Having said that I have looked in vain on the First Great Western web site for any mention of the ticket at all unless its just offered as an option when you book a ticket. Hopefully the £1.50 offer will be promoted properly…

First 48270 WK02TYD

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  1. What happens if your usual plusbus ticket is £1.30?


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