22 May 2012

Un wrapped

We already know that the much loathed (by me at least) advert wrap on T139EFJ has been removed. Well it seems that two other advert buses are no longer...
T134EFJ has carried this wrap for Stax since September 2006:
Plymouth Citybus 034 T134EFJ

R125OFJ has not carried this wrap for quite as long as it was early 2010 (March?) it recieved this scheme. Bar far the best of the three mention today! Plymouth Citybus 025 R125OFJ
All three buses have had the wraps removed. It remains to be seen if they will just be tidied up and enter service in their former liveries, or get a full repaint in the new livery, or indeed just get a new wrap. I hope its the full new livery as we could do with a few more!

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  1. 34 and 39 are going in new livery. not sure about 25

  2. Target have 2 second-hand 55-plate coaches. They MAN 18.350 with Noge Catalan bodywork

  3. The two Target Travel coaches came from Ensign.
    I believe Ex-Veolia from what i have read.

  4. I think 34 well deserves a new lick of paint and the new livery, it has carried that awlful, drub looking stax livery for nearly six years - surely anyone deserves a a reward for carrying that so long. Not that it was great, but i prefered the livery on 39 to the grey one on 34.

  5. just to let u know 39 has been painted in new livery. saw it in the depot when i finished


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