14 March 2012

Repainted Enviro

Managed to get a reasonable shot of 33415 in its new plain (bluish) white base livery for what I assume will be the full new First Group livery.

First 33415 WA56FTN


We are still waiting to see what is happening with the PR1 as the bendy bus 10133 which was here was last reported as being in Bristol with rumours that the bendy buses had been rejected as unsuitable for the route. Several people suggest that these Enviros are on their way to Bristol, but again, until anything is confirmed I state that these are just rumours.

Elsewhere on the net

  • On Monday 12th March, news was released confirming the takeover of First's North Devon operation by Stagecoach South West. The depot will be taken over along with 10 routes, 30 buses and the employees. Southern England Bus Scene
  • It was exactly 40 years ago TODAY (published on 13th March 2012) that the first Leyland National was delivered to the neighbouring Cumberland Motor Services depot from the factory at Lillyhall near Workington ... Public Transport Experience
  • “It was the right thing to do”. And he added, “What we did was take on a very innovative contract”. Omnibuses


  1. You might like to update your link to the Ensign bus site, as under:

    Thursday, 1 March 2012
    New Year... New Blog.... New Site
    Well we have finally got the new website up and running which for the first time houses all our vintage and PH fleet on one site and allows me to put the blog there for a wider audience to view...

    So if you go to

    www.ensignbushire.com and click on the blog section you will see the latest post and whilst you are there you can have a look about the site.

    If you want a direct link to the blog page it is




  2. Looks good, will be interesting to see what eventually happens with the bendies/Enviros! This is certainly a hint that at least this bus is heading elsewhere; though it may be that the P&R enviros are losing their special P+R livery and being repainted, though I stress that literally came into my head when typing this, it's nothing to go on!
    There's loads of possibilities and rumours; it will be interesting to see the result!

  3. Oh NO, The re-painted Enviro has NOT been re-painted, The "Wrap" has been removed because the park and ride buses are being de-deliveried and going elsewhere, (Weston Super Mare) I have heard??
    All park and ride buses will be replaced by older running stock.
    Watch that space

  4. I can confirm that 10133 is in Bristol, it has been parked up in the same place for a while now. I can't think why the P&R Enviros would be going to Weston. Perhaps they are being re-painted in the new First livery since First are running the P&R commercially.

  5. First are replacing these with eight new Enviro 400s. 2 arrived in the depot this afternoon and the rest due down by next Tuesday.

    33665, 33661

    Seems strange to me but hey ho!


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