15 March 2012


For such an important transport link its easy to take the Tamar Bridge for granted. These days its only mentioned when its the cause of traffic tailbacks or when the tolls go up. So its nice to see a story that remembers the lives of the people who died during its construction.

A CEREMONY has been held to dedicate a memorial to the seven lives lost during the construction of the Tamar Bridge. As wreaths were laid and prayers were said, the lives lost during the building of the bridge were remembered.

Arthur Coleman, aged 44, Christopher Pender, aged 29, Robert Risk, aged 60, Stanwood Snowden, aged 30 and Brian Steele, aged 21, all died on April 24, 1960. Then on May 17, 1961, Donald Moore, aged 40, lost his life and on January 24, 1962, John Graham, aged 56, also died.


The Mayor of Saltash, Cllr Colin Oates, said: "It's a wonderful memorial for the people who gave their lives, it will always do them proud and be a good way to remember."

The Lord Mayor of Plymouth, Cllr Peter Brookshaw, added: "It's a time in our lives we will never forget. We will dedicate this memorial to the men who died."

The memorial plaque is mounted in a stainless steel frame in the form of Tamar Bridge towers and is situated adjacent to the car park and offices at the east end of the bridge.

General manager, David List, said: "A review of the Bridge's first 50 years highlighted the lack of any visible recognition of these lives so tragically lost so the Joint Committee was keen to fund a memorial."

The Tamar Bridge cost over £1.5million and was opened to traffic in October 1961. It was officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother on April 26, 1962.

This is Plymouth

Plymouth  - Tamar Bridge 241
1965 postcard view from Richard Ellis collection


Plymouth Citybus new Volvo B7RLE Photos

I know many people are wanting to get the first photos of the new buses in full livery. Plymouth Citybus are wanting to make the most of them and have a full proper launch of the buses. The intention is to invite snappers to the launch of the vehicles where they can have some time with the buses to get pictures.
That's if we don't get any one sneaking into the depot.

Citybus are friendly towards enthusiasts so please lets not have anyone spoiling it for everyone else.

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  1. mike hudson PCTPG15 March 2012 at 12:34

    hi graham, re your comments about new bus pics, i have put a post on facebook (uk bus and news group) warning people that anyone caught trying to take sneaky pics WILL be escorted off site and will spoil it for everyone else. lets hope people take heed!

  2. Thanks for the post Graham. It is not our intention to spoil any enthusiasts fun. We just don't want pictures of buses which are not fully fitted out or are still in delivery condition being sent all over the internet. We have spent £1.6M on ten fantastic vehicles and wish to have them seen in the best possible light. Hence my intention to invite all enthusiasts to the launch where we will give them time to take shots from all angles, both inside and out. Hopefully we will be able to announce details of the launch event shortly. Brian George

  3. Looks like the fleet numbers of this batch will either begin at 100 or 101. As a lucky coincidence while I was out jogging, I saw 104 in full livery and decals heading from Alma Road into the depot. Looking very nice indeed!

  4. 100 to 109 are the fleet numbers Cheers

  5. Brian, I think you've devised an excellent solution. I understand where you're coming from, that you've spent a significant amount of money on brand new vehicles and don't want pictures of them flooding the internet when they're not painted/ready etc.

    I'm almost certain I'm speaking for all enthusiasts when I say this but I would like to thank you and the company for organising this event, and in general for being so kind to enthusiasts. I very much look forward to this event.

    On a more on-topic note, it certainly is pleasing to see that we're remembering lives that were lost during the construction of a bridge which as you say many people take for granted, and whinge about the tolls etc.


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