17 March 2012

Enviro Swap Shop

It is now confirmed that we will be seeing the back of the current Park & Ride Enviros... First 33414 WA56FTK
In fact it could be very soon as their replacements have already started to arrive in Plymouth. Two brand new Enviros with fleet numbers 33661 and 33665 have already arrived in Plymouth with the rest due next week. The old Enviros are heading up to First Bristol for use on their X1 service. It seems that the new ones are in the brand new First Group livery and the ones noted so far carry Shuttle fleetnames. This is for the Olympic shuttle contract. These new buses will be heading back to London for the Olympics. Presumably coming back once the games have finnished.
After a few barren years it does seem that this year is going to be a good one for new investment in Plymouth!

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  1. I'm surprised as I never really see anyone using the P&R!

  2. The drivers on the George P&R service drive like tossers! Dont keep to bus lanes and weave in and out of traffic the length of Tavistock Road!

  3. I have heard a rumour that these buses will not return to Plymouth after the Olympics, but will instead be replaced by old London buses that have been to the moon and back. I have approached several agencies, including First, to dispel this rumour, but so far none have responded. I smell a rat!!


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