13 March 2012

Much ado about something

Plymouth Citybus
Photo Supplied by Gez.SCNWThanks to Gez I can bring you another photo of Citybus WA12ADO newly arrived in this country and seen here at Heysham waiting to be delivered to Plymouth. At least 4 of these buses are now in Plymouth having arrived yesterday.



Elsewhere on the net

  • K616 LAE crossing the river in Totnes operating on the X80 to Torquay PTOTPA
  • Equally, Mrs fbb did not spring from a huge cake in the shape of a Volvo Neopolitan, dressed alluringly in a skimpy conductress' costume Public Transport Experience
  • Happy Mothering Sunday from Wilts & Dorset! W&D joins Yellow Buses in putting up fares. In this case, it’s on Sunday but you’d think a 10p single or 30p return “revision” was the end of the world. Dorset Bus Blog
  • increases in fuel duty and a near freeze in free travel reimbursements have resulted in the biggest fares shake up at Plymouth Citybus since, well, Plymouth Citybus. Omnibuses
  • On the day I took so many pictures in Bury and Manchester that I'm breaking the report into three parts, all of which I hope to post this week, work commitments permitting. Transport Illustrated


  1. Spotted today:-

    WA56 FTN - All Over White

    N288 PDV - Country Bus Livery

  2. Agreed, saw one of the P&R enviro 400s in white (looked almost lilac from a distance). Are going to see them shipped off and replaced by Glasgow bendies, or is this the beginning of FD&C's rebranding?

  3. Picture of the Enviro to follow tomorrow!

  4. The fact 33417 (WA56 FTN) has been of the road being repainted may have accounted for the unusual sight I spotted on monday evening of 42471 (the one in the lifeboat livery) at Milehouse on PR1, at about 4.45pm.

  5. whoops, my typing error, i know FTN was 33415, went to correct it last night and the internet died, and i've only just managed to get it working again! d'oh!


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