18 February 2012

Plymouth Bus Routes No7: Target Travel 39

Due to a combination of loss of internet last weekend, and a power failure in my computer room, and the length and complexity of this route, it has taken me two weeks to get this one ready. I chose Target Travel 39 for number 7 in the series because I found myself waiting for a bus home from the City Centre and noticed a ‘new’ Dennis Dart on Royal Parade. I went to investigate and it was Target Travel and the Dart was newly acquired and still running in red and grey. The photo will follow in the week ahead. Seeing as I had plenty of time I decided to catch the 39 to Asda as I had never been on that route before. The driver warned me it took a long time to get there – which just made it all the more fun for me.
The route video below is the longest of the series so far as it really does go around all the houses. It is a real test for the driver as you can see on the video there are a few places where there is very little room. All it takes is one badly parked car and the bus would be stuck. The section by Austin Farm was great fun and we did have to wait for one van driver to move his van up a bit so we could get passed.
So if you find yourself with a lot of spare time on your hands I would recommend a ride on the 39…


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      1. Graham, Target have acquired T102 LLC and T103 LLC, in a red and grey livery from a company whose name I forget. T102 LLC was placed into service in red and grey whilst T103 LLC was painted - it is not travelling the standard white Target livery. I assume T102 LLC is currently of the road now receiving the same treatment.

      2. T102 was on the road yesterday in the new livery

      3. T102's been on the road for at least a week - with a fully working LED destination display!

      4. mike hudson PCTPG18 February 2012 at 20:22

        the company who owned them was central buses, birmingham.
        that was a very very long route! must use loads of diesel!

      5. why such a convoluted route? it doubles back on itself so many times more than necessary

      6. Its a council contract and I think they have used it to fill in all the gaps left by others services withdrawn by the main operators. It does seem fairly well used though but mostly by free travel passes.


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