17 February 2012

Still going strong down under

©Peter Kane
2180AC PRV LEYLAND ATLANTEAN LOCAL CHARTER BUS seen on a charter in the cbd in advert livery 14th feb 2012
Clearly one of the Plymouth Atlanteans - JJY-G Batch. I am sure someone will let us know which one!

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      1. I think its ex Plymouth City Transport Park Royal bodied Leyland Atlantean PDR2/1 234 (JJY 634G)

      2. This really should be a preservation prospect for by Plymouth City Transport preservation group! I dont know how much the shipping costs would be though!

      3. Someone did mention back along that the shipping costs were in the region of £10,000 plus!

      4. As Admin for the Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group I can confirm it is 234 JJY 634G we are in contact with the owners of this and other ex Plymouth Atlanteans in Australia of which we can confirm there are at least 3 of this batch surviving this is by far the best and 2 earlier VDR batch also survive. In Canada there are 2 open top MCO/H and possibly JJY 221G. We have investigated shipping and the costs are very high along with import taxes.

      5. Hope PCTPG are keeping an eye on the two ex PCT PD2s seen at Winkleigh a few years ago in case they come up for sale. I think one was DDR 414. Lovely old buses well worth preserving. May be a bit cheaper than JJY634G aswell!

      6. mike hudson PCTPG18 February 2012 at 00:05

        it is 234. And if the pctpg get lottery funding, which we hope to in the near future, then she will be coming home! Also, we are currently in talks with the church group who own NDR 509J somewhere up country as they may b getting rid of it. anyone interested in either a share of bus 9 or a donation please contact the webmaster at www.plymouthcitytransport.co.uk

        we have the blinds to fit in the 'jumbo's' as we call them, just depends which we get first!


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