04 November 2011


From Tuesday 1 November there is a completely new way of travelling through and around the East End of Plymouth, as the new Embankment Lane link road and the new outbound lane on Gdynia Way open to traffic. This marks the completion of the main elements of the East End Transport Scheme and 18 months of construction.

At the heart of the scheme is the creation of a new public transport corridor along Embankment Road which will improve the reliability of bus services. New facilities have been developed for buses, cyclists and pedestrians throughout the East End, promoting more sustainable and healthy ways to travel.

Embankment Lane will provide a new route for traffic travelling from Plympton to Plymstock and for local traffic accessing the East End Community.

Gdynia Way’s new outbound lane will provide a new route for traffic heading to Plympton and the A38. The changes will significantly reduce congestion and improve traffic flow in the East End, particularly on Embankment Road and Heles Terrace where traffic is expected to reduce by half.

Overall the scheme will enhance the local environment and increase the quality of life for the community. It is the largest highways project to be undertaken in Plymouth in over 25 years and will provide new infrastructure that will allow Plymouth to grow and prosper into the future.

The attached newsletter explains how to get around the East End on the new road layout, as well as highlighting the key improvement works that have taken place over the last 18 months.

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