02 November 2011

Now and Then R401FFC

Plymouth Citybus 214 R401OFC
24 July 2011
Creative Commons licensed flickr photo shared by Steven Hughes
22 May 2004

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  • Under the enthusiastic oversight of its dynamic President, Boris (The Blue) Johnson, the "nutters" have made considerable gains in their avowed aim to remove all bus timetable information from the public. Public Transport Experience
  • Plymouth Citybus operates a modern fleet of buses but as well as these there is a pool of older stock kept for schools and student contracts. Busworld Photography
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  1. I liked the livery it was in when it 1st arrived in Plymouth. (The newest Oxford livery)

  2. That bus is a total shed!! :)

  3. Absolute Heap!

  4. Back in April, I had a ride on R408FFC to the hospital on the 42, it nearly completely full, and it was probably the most underpowered bus I've ever been on. Just going along the Crownhill section of the A38 was a struggle.

    R401 does have a fantastic whistle/squeal when changing gear; something not many in the Citybus fleet do. I think it's only really 27(S127 FTA) that has a proper whistle when changing gear. A few X-reg mini darts do, as do the solos and bus 25, although it seems to be 'disappearing' from the fleet quite quickly. 13 (R113OFJ) had a fantastic sounding gearbox earlier this year, now it just sounds loud and thrashed.


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