01 November 2011

The last one standing

It seems that N283PDV is the last remaining Mercedes 709 left with Plymouth Citybus.

Three have been sold on to Girlings Coaches, possibly for onward sale. All the others have now left the fleet.
Plymouth Citybus 283 N283PDV

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  1. Several of these can be found along Newnham Road, in a garage. Coming down Clifton Avenue you can see that they're still in Citybus livery.

  2. What do you reckon Citybus will do with 283? Have any plans been announced; e.g. preservation?

  3. I am guessing that 283 just awaits a new owner unless Citybus are using it as a runabout or something. The preservation group already have a couple of these so I cant see it being preserved.

  4. mike hudson PCTPG1 November 2011 at 21:10

    Hi graham. The PCTPG only has N276 PDV. 283 is just sat in lower yard awaiting its fate. 282,277 and another 709 merc have gone to girlings for preperation to go on to yorkshire.

  5. Atlantean Man always Has the Answers!

  6. What do you reckon Citybus will do with 283? Have any plans been announced; e.g. preservation?

  7. This has now left the fleet for onward sale, so unfortunately, there are no 709Ds left in the Citybus fleet. It's being sold for around £5k, which does seem like an awful lot of money for what it is, expecially when you can get a Dart for £1k less!



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