05 November 2011

168 Special Tour

379027_2342807060919_1572258005_3364390_1914473523_nIf you are out and about on Sunday morning you might just see Citybus Atlantean TTT168X. Owner Michael Headlights Hudson is taking her out to get some photographs and generally have a play with. She has had some major work done to get her back on the road…

“Nigel the o/v shop foreman has worked like a Trojan to get 168 back on the road. When we had a look at her on Tuesday, the seals inside 3rd and 4th gears had split again so it was decided to bypass the valves and connect direct and it seems to have done the job”

Michael, along with the rest of the PCTPG would like to thank Citybus Engineering for all the support they give the group to keep / get their fleet on the road. They do a brilliant job!

168 should be out and about from about 10AM so could appear just about anywhere in Plymouth after that.

I cant join them this time but we should get some photos later in the week.

Photo © Paul Burch.

  • For more info on the PCTPG: Plymouth City Transport Preservation Group
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