07 November 2011

Rabbie Found

As the most recent Omnibuses blog post shows the papers love a good negative story about their local bus company. If a passengers tells them they have been wronged its straight into the paper, with often little or no checking of the facts first. Occasionally though you do get good news stories into the press:

A FOUR-year-old girl was reunited with her most prized possession after a plea appeared on a Facebook page. Little Madison Fyatt was travelling on a bus with her mother Ashleigh, between Plymouth city centre and their home in St Budeaux, when she lost her toy rabbit 'Rabbie'.

Ashleigh's partner, Alan James, immediately turned to the Plymouth Citybus Facebook page to put out a message for passengers or bus staff to look out for Rabbie.  Brian George, operations manager at Plymouth Citybus, was monitoring the web page from home that evening and spotted the request for help. He called the depot to alert the bus cleaners to look out for Rabbie.

Citybus later invited Madison to look around their depot, where she was presented with a Dennis Dart book and T-shirt.


All in all a good story for Citybus and also a nice promotion of their Facebook page and also Dennis Dart. Click the link below to get the full story and also see a nice photo of Brian George. (I thought Halloween was last week?)

This is Plymouth

Plymouth Citybus 202 X202CDV "Dennis Dart"

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