12 October 2011

Life after Plymouth NM02DNU

On Monday this week my bus to work was over ten minutes late, and when it did turn up was an Optare Solo which is a rare ‘treat’ on the 50 which really does need a bigger bus. The driver was less than impressed with the bus, having been given it after a breakdown earlier in the morning. He for one wont be sad to see the back of them!Go South Coast 3713
©Kenneth Aveyard

Thanks to Ken for supplying this shot of former Citybus 212 NM02DNU which is now with Damory (Hants & Dorset) Go South Coast as fleet number 3713 still in full Citybus livery. Seen at Pimperne on Sunday 9 October

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    1. Optare on the 50! Hellfire!!

    2. They are'nt bad little buses, but i have seen one on the 23/24 & it was quite dirty around the fuel tank

    3. 213 43A Wed 12th Oct

    4. I've seen 213 on the 43A recently, aswell as the 23/24, and as you say they aren't that bad, just a bit tacky and 'cheap'

    5. Would the photographer, Kenneth Aveyard, be an old Bradford lad, formerly attending Hanson Boys High?

      If so, it's interesting to see that the passion he had for buses when we were at school has persevered :)


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